7-30-2014 2:10AM - Friends with benefits

Okay, so the ex-bestfriend of my bestfriend just offered himself to have a friends with benefits relationship. My bestfriend is still having a crush on him even though he doesn’t want to hang around with her anymore, and that’s the main reason I won’t start a relationship like that with him. But lately I’ve been feeling quite lonely and I would’ve done it if I only wanted love for the night, but it’s just that I really want someone to be in love with me for real again. Not just for the night, but also for the bright days and the cold winterdays. I would’ve fucked with this friend of mine if he didn’t fuck over (not literally) my best friend, if she didn’t still have a crush on him and if I wasn’t looking for someone who can honestly love me with all their heart, not just their dick. No one out there lately who seems to fit in that description. But let me know if you love me, super amazing guy I haven’t met yet, probably.

Through all the heartbreaks, fading friendships, broken promises and discovered lies, I learned to let go.

Travelling all day long.

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